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Episode AG 192
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 192:  "Satoshi vs. Haruka!  The Last Battle!!"
American Episode 462: 
"Once More With Reeling!"
Japanese Air Date:  September 7th, 2006
American Air Date:  February 24th, 2007
Important Places:  Toneriyu Town (Terracotta Town)

The time has come for everyone to say goodbye to each other as our heroes prepare to go their separate ways.  Before that, however, Haruka spots a poster for a special Pokemon Contest there in Toneriyu Town.  After Haruka announces that she will enter the competition, Satoshi surprises everyone by stating that he'll be joining as well!  The Appeals rounds start off with Haruka and her Eevee performing a fireworks display that impresses the judges.  Later, Satoshi and Pikachu deliver a similar appeal that wows the judges just as much.  Once the first round is over, it is announced that Haruka and Satoshi will be facing off against each other in the battle round!  As the two prepare for the upcoming match, the Rocket-Dan appear and try to steal all the other Coordinators' pokemon!  During the ensuing battle, Haruka's Wakashamo evolves into Burshamo!  The fire pokemon makes quick work of the Rocket trio and is able to return everyone's pokemon to their rightful owners.  Before long, the battle round commences with Satoshi's Jukain facing off against Haruka's newly-evolved starter.  Despite Burshamo's type advantage, Jukain is able to hold its own against its opponent.  After a rough four minutes of battling, both Jukain's and Burshamo's abilities (Overgrow and Blaze, respectively) start to kick in, giving each pokemon a boost in power!  Once the time limit runs out, everyone anxiously awaits the result of the match.  Who will be declared the winner of the Toneriyu Town special Pokemon Contest?  To be continued!

It's random Contest time!  Why!?  Because we can!!

This Pokemon Contest - the poster for which has the American logo colored in red, like some cheap bootleg toy - really did seem to come out of nowhere, didn't it?  Especially one with rules as convenient as this one's.  "After the Appeals round, there's only going to be one one-on-one battle?  And, by the way, all the other Coordinators who aren't Satoshi or Haruka suck at what they do?"  If the anime had wanted to pit the two main characters in a Contest together, they could have found a more...believable way to do it.

But hey, we get to see Wakashamo evolve into Burshamo, an idea that would have seemed completely
insane back when this series first started.  Cute little Achamo evolving into the powerhouse that convinced Satoshi to travel to the Houen region in the first place?  That's crazy talk!  Strangely enough, the evolution doesn't seem out-of-place and is actually quite a fitting end for Haruka's particular story.

The dubbed version has a lot of music changes - not just because it's the dub - but because there's a lot of vocal music used throughout.  I do wish they'd just go ahead and dub some of these songs already (like, y'know...pretty much every other non-hackdub in existence), but there's also that part of me that doubts that any of PUSA's employees would be able to perform said songs without making me want to cut off my ears.  A lose-lose situation, really.

The animation for Watashi, Makenai ~ Haruka's Theme ~ doesn't get updated with Burshamo, but since we only have like two episodes left in the series, it's not hard to see why.

Music Edit
The Appeals rounds in the Japanese version has two vocal songs.  The first one, Watashi, Makenai ~ Haruka's Theme ~, plays during Haruka's Appeals.  The second one, Spurt!, plays during Satoshi's Appeals.  Both songs are replaced in the dub with boring dub stuff.

During the B part of the episode, Pokémon Symphonic Medley plays from the moment both Jukain's and Burshamo's abilities go into effect until the end of the battle.  This is, again, replaced for the dub.

Added Footage--3 seconds
The TO BE CONTINUED... screen is made three seconds longer to draw out the suspense of the Contest results that much longer.

You've also gotta love that horribly cheesy ending, don't you?  A blast of fire collides with a beam of sunlight, resulting in an explosion of black smog that obscures the scoreboard for the episode's overly drawn-out final scene?

This show is silly sometimes.

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