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Episode AG 187
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 187:  "The Battle Pyramid Again!  (Satoshi) vs. Registeel!!"
American Episode 457:
Japanese Air Date:  August 3rd, 2006
American Air Date:  January 20th, 2007
Important Characters: 
Soutarou (Samuel)

The long journey to Fennel Valley has finally come to a close!  As our heroes approach the site where the Battle Pyramid has landed, they are greeted by Enishida and Joi, who tell them that the Frontier Brain is out at the moment.  Joi tells our heroes to wait at the Pokemon Center in the meantime and gives them a tour of the campus that houses facilities for pokemon battles and Pokemon Contests.  Later, Satoshi declares his desire to train for his battle with Jindai, so Joi says she'll be his opponent.  Her Lucky faces off against Satoshi's Heigani and defeats it, showing Satoshi that he can't fight power with power.  Later that night, Satoshi runs into Jindai in the ruins and asks for a rematch.  After accepting Satoshi's request, Jindai reveals that the pokemon he'll be using will be Registeel.  After swapping pokemon with Orchid-Hakase, Satoshi goes to the Battle Pyramid for a battle.  The young trainer chooses Cotoise as Registeel's opponent but knows that type advantage alone won't be enough to defeat Jindai.  As the battle progresses, both trainers use their opponents' attacks against them, and at one point in the battle, Cotoise reveals that it knows Heat Wave.  The powerful fire-type attack is able to weaken Registeel, but its user is eventually defeated when Registeel uses a combination of Lock-On and Zap Cannon.  After the battle, Jindai leaves to obtain a new pokemon, leaving Satoshi behind at the Pokemon Center to train for a second rematch.

The series reaches its final stretch now that the gang has arrived in Fennel Valley!  This episode had a whole lot going for it; from a crazy Joi to an awesome battle that redeems Cotoise to a bunch of neat foreshadowing...this episode has it all.  It sucks that I can't think of anything else to say because I really did like this episode.  I guess I'm better at complaining than I am at complimenting, huh?

As far as the dub goes, Brandon still can't act worth a scheiss.  Also giving a wooden performance in this episode is Nurse Joy, someone who doesn't even give half the energy that her Japanese voice actress puts into the role.  What is it with Pokémon USA and giving the most energetic characters the most bland voices?  Finally, we get to hear Professor Oak for the first time since The Mastermind of Mirage Pokémon.  The voice reeks of "young man putting on an old man voice," so my opinion on whether he's good or not should be pretty obvious. 

Registeel keeps its Japanese voice.

Dialogue Edit
Fans criticized the last episode for making Ash meaner than what 4Kids would have done (not true, by the way).  Well, in this episode, the opposite kind of happens as everyone talks to Ash after his loss against Nurse Joy:

May:  "That battle with Chansey should have proved to you that you can't always match power with power."
Max:  "Ya kinda ignored Corphish's strong points."
Ash:  "I hear ya!  I just don't like it..."

Originally, Satoshi yells out "Urusai na!  Wakatteiru yo..." ("Shut up!  I know that already...").  The urusai part can also translate to "Stop nagging me!"  Either way, the way Matsumoto Rika delivers the lines tells you that Satoshi is pretty pissed off that everyone keeps going on and on about his loss.

The dub kind of softens all this, making Ash sound like he recognizes his friends' advice as constructive criticism.

Later, at the ruins:

Brandon:  "Oh Ash.  It's good to see you, son."

Brandon is waaaaaaaay more friendly in the dub than he is in the Japanese version.  Originally, Jindai doesn't even call Satoshi by name, referring to him as shounen ("boy") every time he addresses him.  He also talks to him in a very coarse manner, indicating his lack of respect for the kid.  None of that friendly "son" stuff.

Music Edit
The fourth opening theme to Advanced Generation, Battle Frontier, is played from the start of the Cotoise vs. Registeel battle until the part where Cotoise uses Heat Wave for the first time.  In the dub, this is removed.

Dialogue Edit
This occurs at the end of the episode, when Brandon is about to leave:

Scott:  "I hope you find the Pokémon you're looking for."
Brandon:  "Thanks.  I share your hopeful wishes as well."
Max:  "Wonder what Pokémon it is."

Originally, Enishida asks Jindai if he's really going to leave to get "that" ice-type pokemon.  Jindai responds by saying that he'll definitely catch it, causing Masato to wonder what ice-type pokemon it'll be.

I really don't know why PUSA would leave out that hint from the dub.

Added Footage--3 seconds
The last shot of the episode is extended by three seconds in the English version.

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