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Episode AG 185
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 185:  "Perrap and the Pokemon Comedian!"
American Episode 455:
"Strategy Tomorrow - Comedy Tonight!"
Japanese Air Date:  July 20th, 2006
American Air Date:  January 6th, 2007
Important Characters:
  Anri (Ada / Audrey?), Chizuru (Corinna), Hokkai Perraps (See-Saw Chatots)

While continuing on the path toward Fennel Valley, Satoshi and his friends come across a Perrap.  The pokemon belongs to a trainer named Anri, a young girl who dreams of participating in a comedy grand prix in the Jouto region.  After showing off a little bit of her act, Anri tells our heroes that Perrap will often run off during lunchtime and doesn't return until it gets dark!  This prevents her from practicing for the grand prix during the day, so Anri asks our heroes to figure out where her pokemon goes to everyday.  During lunch time later that day, Perrap runs off just like Anri had predicted.  Before it leaves, the pokemon says a number of things that lead our heroes to conclude that it must go to a hospital everyday!  Anri shows our heroes to the closest hospital and watches as Perrap entertains the sick children who are there.  After upsetting a young patient by saying that she's going to take Perrap back with her, Anri decides to put on a performance for the children to cheer them up.  After the show is over, the Rocket-Dan appear and attempt to steal the parrot pokemon.  Satoshi steps in to stop them, and the ensuing battle is enjoyed by all the children who had never seen a pokemon battle in real life before.  After the trio is sent blasting off, Anri and Satoshi-tachi leave the hospital and continue on their journeys, promising to reach their goal in the name of the children they had entertained that day.

Ugh...I hate hate hate hate hate this episode.  If you liked this episode or don't feel like reading me complain about how much I don't like this episode, then skip the next four paragraphs.

So where do I start?  I guess the obvious thing about this one is that Perrap is a damn annoying pokemon.  It was OK in the Manaphy movie because it really didn't talk that much, but in this episode, the damn bird just wouldn't shut the hell up. 

And for an episode centered around comedy, it sure was an unfunny chore of an adventure to sit through, wasn't it?  Pretending to be a Pikachu and then goofing up by saying "Rock Throw" isn't funny, Perrap.  Neither was any of the stuff Satoshi-tachi did.  OK, so maybe Takeshi doing Takeshi's Paradise is amusing just because he looks so damn stupid in that get-up.  But the others?  A rolling Donphan is not funny.  Doing a Contest Appeal is not funny.  Wearing an ugly bowtie is not funny.  Doing a kasa no kyoku is not funny.

I also wanted to punch Masato in the throat for his stupid side comment about how the Rocket-Dan don't have any comedic sense.  As if he's one to talk, Mr. "Look at me I'm throwing food to a pokemon AREN'T I FUNNY!?!?!?"  Ugh.

Speaking of annoying children, Anri's attitude in this episode rubbed me the wrong way.  After finding out that her pokemon goes to a children's hospital (where there are no parents, apparently...way to not look over your sick kids...), what does she do?  Tell the little kids that she's going to take the pokemon with her to perform in a comedy act.  Is she a selfish little *beep* or what?  The pokemon obviously wants to be with the children since it runs away from your unfunny ass on a daily basis, yet you're going to drag it away from all that so you can continue doing your unfunny act in another region?  And take away the one thing that brightens up the sick children's days?  I don't know about you guys, but the way Anri just sort of gives the middle finger to a bunch of sick children in a hospital just doesn't sit right with me at all.

*Phew*  Anyway, the other thing to mention about this episode is that the name of the comedy duo Anri and Perrap are a part of, the Hokkai Perraps, is a parody of the real-life comedy duo Nankai Candies (
南海キャンディーズ).  I couldn't find any clips of the duo on YouTube that had subtitles, so here's a clip of them in raw Japanese.  The duo is still popular today, so if you ever find yourself in Japan, you'll probably see them on a TV comedy programs at least three times a week.

The dubbed version goes for a straight translation of pretty much everything, so all the unfunny-ness is there in the English version, too.  Other than that, the dub keeps in an amazing ten pieces of music, so that's something worth getting excited over.

It sounds like Perrap keeps its Japanese voice whenever it trills, but it could just be the English VA (who already sounds a lot like Sakaguchi Daisuke, Perrap's seiyuu) doing a really good impression of the trill.

Dialogue Edit
Now this is weird:

Ada:  "I'm not a ventriloquist, but you're a real dummy!"
Chatot:  "No!  You're the real dummy, Audrey!"

...Audrey?  Isn't her name supposed to be Ada?

Actually, I think Audrey might be the name PUSA was going to use at first but decided to change it to Ada at the last minute.  And that maybe, this line here is a leftover from that early version of the episode.  The reason I say that is because the page for this episode on the official website lists the trainer's name as Audrey, not Ada.

So if it was supposed to be Audrey, why was it changed to Ada?  Is it similar to the Snap / Todd situation?

Later, when Nyasu is having his Boss Fantasy, he imagines the boss talking with Perrap while reading the newspaper.  In the dub, Giovanni tries to tell a knock-knock joke, but Chatot just keeps saying "knock knock" back at him.  In the Japanese version, however, Nyasu says that Sakaki and Perrap can play a game of shiritori.  Sakaki says shinbunshi ("newspaper"), so Perrap responds by saying shinbunshi right back at him (using the last shi in Sakaki's word as the first shi in its word).  The joke here is that Sakaki and Perrap say the same word to each other over and over, causing their game to continue in an endless cycle.

I know we have a game very similar to shiritori in English (I remember playing it with animal names during long road trips when I was a kid), but I don't think it actually has a name.

Music Edit
In the Japanese version, the song that makes Ready Go! look like a neglected piece of music, Pokémon Symphonic Medley, is used from the start of Satoshi's comedy routine until the end of Haruka's.  In the dub, this is all replaced.

Dialogue Edit
The Tail Whip / Razor Leaf joke is the same in both versions, but the dub leaves out the fact that Perrap is pretending to be an Eevee (which explains why Anri yells at the pokemon for calling out a grass-type move).  Whoops.

Added Footage--3 seconds
英語版の「TO BE CONTINUED...」 の画面は日本版のより3秒長いだ。

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