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Episode AG 172
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 172:  "Pokemon Ranger!  Deoxys Crisis!! (Part One)"
American Episode 442:
"Pokémon Ranger - Deoxys' Crisis! (Part One)"
Japanese Air Date:  April 13th, 2006
American Air Date:  October 28th, 2006
Important Characters:  Rondo-Hakase (Professor Lund)
Important Places:  LaRousse City (LaRousse City)

Our heroes are walking toward their next destination when they spot an aurora in the sky.  Surprised by the anomaly, the young trainers watch as a group of Tyltto and Tyltalis begin to fly out of control!  Suddenly, the Pokemon Ranger Hinata appears and figures out a way to lead the pokemon to safety.  Once the bird pokemon are out of the way, Hinata explains that she was called into the area to investigate some geomagnetic disturbances.  All of a sudden, a hole in the sky opens up and reveals the pokemon Deoxys!  As the pokemon from space flees the scene at the sight of the trainers, Masato gets a strange feeling from the pokemon.  Later, at the nearby Pokemon Center, Hinata suggests that Deoxys is the cause of the disturbances in the area.  The Center's Joi reveals that a meteorite crash-landed in the area ten years ago , so she thinks Deoxys may be hiding out there.  Hinata are lead to the cave where Deoxys' meteor crashed, followed by the Rocket-Dan.  Eventually, our heroes discover Deoxys' hiding place and find that it's in a lot of pain!  Hinata decides to capture it with her Capture Styler to help calm it down, but she is unable to complete the capture because Deoxys keeps changing its shape.  As Hinata continues to use her Capture Styler, Masato and Nyasu confront the pokemon to figure out what's wrong.  Nyasu is unable to understand the alien pokemon's language, so Deoxys uses Nyasu as a puppet to explain that it was very lonely and cold while it was traveling through space.  Without warning, Deoxys, Nyasu, and Masato fly into the air and disappear!  Can our heroes get Masato and Nyasu back?  Will they be able to cure Deoxys' problems?  To be continued!

The Deoxys movie was OK, but it wasn't great.  So when I first saw this episode, I was a little weary of how it could turn out.

So far, this two-part episode (and not a movie, as many people incorrectly refer to it as) is pretty decent.  While we still have to hear Deoxys female dog about how lonely it is, at least this time we don't have to sit through a pointless battle with a dragon or listen to an annoying little boy talking about how much he hates pokemon.  Plus, any episode that makes a reference to a movie gets a big "thumbs up" in my book.

The dubbed version keeps a pathetic three pieces of music - the title screen music, the Boss Fantasy music, and the Rocket-Dan motto.  The Japanese version of this episode used a lot of music from the Deoxys movies (makes sense, huh?), but for some reason the dub decides to remove all of it.  Ugh.

Deoxys keeps its Japanese voice.

Dialogue Edit
I don't know what it is with the writers, but the script during the cold opening is pretty horrific.  Here are some great examples:

Ash:  "I can't wait to go for my next Frontier Symbol.  And when we get it we're gonna raise the roof!"

"Raise the roof?"  Seriously?  James saying "no duh" was bad enough, but...raise the roof? 

Looks like we can count on Pokémon USA to keep those old catch phrases from the '90's alive and kicking.

And then, there's Brock, who suddenly forgets that he's a teenager:

Brock:  "I can't believe I'm finally going back to my old stomping grounds, Pewter City!"


Brock:  "Same for me.  But why would our PokéBalls be on the blink?"

"Stomping grounds?"  "On the blink?"  I don't know about you, but I've never heard a young teenager use any of those phrases. 

PUSA does this every now and then.  They'll forget that the characters they're writing for are supposed to be little kids and give them dialogue that would be more appropriate for people twice their age.  I'm pretty sure there are examples of 4Kids doing the same thing, but none of them stuck out because we didn't get them one after another like we do in this episode.

Side Note
When Deoxys first appears, its cry is removed from the dub for some reason.  It's kept as-is for the rest of the episode, so I wonder why they just removed it in that one scene?

Also, throughout the episode, Musashi calls Deoxys "Deoki-chan."  Jessie doesn't give Deoxys any nickname like that in the dub.

Finally...there's no TO BE CONTINUED... screen edit since there's no TO BE CONTINUED... screen to edit.

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