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Episode AG 171
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 171:  "The Battle Tower!  Telepathy Battle!!"
American Episode 441:
"Second Time's The Charm!"
Japanese Air Date:  March 30th, 2006
American Air Date:  November 27th, 2006
Important Places:  Battle Pyramid (Battle Pyramid), Nibi City (Pewter City)

After his loss against the Tower Tycoon Lila, Satoshi begins training with his pokemon in the hopes of winning a rematch against the Frontier Brain.  As he's training, he runs across Lila and receives some advice from the experienced battler.  Satoshi attempts to read the hearts of his pokemon the way Lila does, but for some reason he's unable to do it.  Before long, the time for the rematch has come, so Heigani and Houdin step up to battle.  This time, Satoshi's pokemon is able to come out on top due to its trainer's ability to tune into its emotions, forcing Lila to call on her second pokemon, Metagross.  The steel-type pokemon makes quick work of Satoshi's weakened water-type, so he calls out Kentauros.  The two powerhouse pokemon launch a number of attacks on each other before colliding, causing a double knockout.  With one remaining pokemon apiece, the trainers call out Eifee and Pikachu.  Satoshi's Pikachu performs a number of electrical attacks that cause the lights to go out, enabling it to score a number of hits on Lila's confused pokemon.  Before long, Eifee falls to Pikachu's Volt Tackle attack, earning Satoshi his sixth Frontier Symbol!  Now that Satoshi has the Ability Symbol, Enishida reveals that the final Frontier Brain is located in the Battle Pyramid near Nibi City.  Now that Satoshi knows the location of his final challenge, the young trainer wastes no time resuming his journey through the Battle Frontier.

A few episodes ago, I called bullshit on a victory Haruka had against Takeshi in a Pokemon Contest.  Now, I get to do the same with Satoshi's victory.

Where do I start?  Well...Heigani vs. Houdin wasn't too bad until Satoshi recalls Heigani and then immediately calls him back into battle.  I mean, yeah, doing something like that would cure the pokemon's sense of confusion, but wouldn't it also be considered cheating?  Kentauros vs. Metagross was cheap because we got another double knock-out to prevent the writers from thinking up of a real way for a pokemon like Kentauros could beat such a powerhouse.

The battle that irked me, though, was Pikachu vs. Eifee.  Pikachu knocks out the lights and is able to attack Eifee because the jewel on its head apparently glows in the dark.  Nevermind the fact that it was the middle of the day and so there probably should have been some sunlight leaking into the room.  But whatever.  My question is...why did that stop Eifee from attacking?  I mean, Lila can read a pokemon's feelings, right?  So wouldn't that mean that she could "feel out" Pikachu's location and then (silently) tell Eifee where to attack?  Sure, being able to see the pokemon might help out, but I doubt Lila is so weak that she couldn't find her opponent if she wanted to.  The fact that something as silly as the lights being out prevented a psychic from being...well, psychic, is just absurd.

The dubbed version doesn't do anything too special.  PUSA does change Kojirou's mention of curry rice into a generic "I like good food!" line, so I guess that's another one of 4Kids' practices that PUSA intends on repeating.  And here I thought we were safe with the unaltered rice balls in "Three Jynx and A Baby!"

In Japan, the opening theme is updated to include Lila in the big group shots of all the Frontier Brains.

In the dub, these shots have been used since Pokémon USA took over, so there's no change there.

Cut--1 second
A scene transition thingee is removed after the part where Team Rocket blasts away.

This cut was probably made because Cartoon Network put a commercial break right there. 

Music Edit
At the end of the Pikachu and Eifee fight, the anime's previous ending theme, Battle Frontier, is played in the Japanese version.  It goes from the moment Pikachu uses Thunderbolt to knock out the lights until the end of the battle.  In the dub, this piece of music is, as expected, removed.

Added Footage--3 seconds
The TO BE CONTINUED... Screen Has Three Seconds Added To It.  Wow...This Capitalization Of Every Word Makes This Paragraph Look Like A Pokémon USA Episode Title, Doesn't It?  Or A Serebii.net Update.  Either Way, It's Getting Annoying, So I'm Going To Stop.

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