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Episode AG 162
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 162:  "Juptoru vs. Tropius!  The Duel in the Grassland!!"
American Episode 432:
"Odd Pokémon Out!"
Japanese Air Date:  January 26th, 2006
American Air Date:  October 28th, 2006
Important Places:  Camomile Island (Camomile Island)

While on the way to the Yuzuriha Convention, Satoshi and his friends stop off at Camomile Island to let their pokemon play.  As they enjoy running around, Satoshi's Donphan inadvertently upsets a group of Saidon, causing a stampede!  Luckily, a Joi drives up in a jeep and uses her Meganium to calm the pokemon down, ending the rampage.  As Satoshi thanks Joi, he notices that his Juptoru is missing!  He finds the pokemon battling against a Tropius, so Joi has her Meganium step in to stop the fighting.  As Juptoru has its wounds treated by Joi, it develops a crush on the nurse's pokemon!  It notices that Tropius likes Joi's pokemon as well, so Satoshi's grass-type challenges its opponent to a love battle.  Juptoru wins, but Meganium chooses to be with Tropius despite its loss!  As Satoshi's pokemon mourns its luck in love, the Rocket-Dan appear and kidnap Meganium and Tropius, an event that eventually causes Satoshi's Juptoru to evolve into Jukain!  Satoshi's newly-evolved pokemon begins to attack the Rocket-Dan's mecha, but the pokemon finds itself unable to use basic techniques like Bullet Seed and Leaf Blade!  With Juptoru unable to attack, Satoshi's Pikachu steps up with Meganium and Tropius to send the Rocket-Dan blasting off again.  Later, Joi tells Satoshi that the reason Jukain lost the ability to use its most powerful techniques is because it was so heartbroken.  She tells Satoshi to give it more time, so the young trainer departs with Haruka and the others toward Yuzuriha Island, home of Haruka's next Pokemon Contest challenge.

This episode really tried.  It really, really did. 

"Juptoru vs. Tropius!  The Duel in the Grassland!!" is the kind of episode that tries soooo hard to be better than your average run-of-the-mill boring filler episode, but it just isn't enough.  We have the evolution of one of Satoshi's pokemon.  We have some comedy in the form of Satoshi being clueless about love and Juptoru's reaction to being dumped.  Shoot, we even have a friggin' Rocket-Dan Boss Fantasy, which is
(if I'm not mistaken) the first in all of Battle Frontier!  Yet all of that isn't enough to mask the fact that this is a pretty boring and forgettable episode.  It just didn't click with me, but I can't really figure out why.

The dubbed version isn't anything special.  We only keep four pieces of Japanese music, all within the first half of the episode, but with PUSA that's not all that unexpected.  It is nice to see Takeshi's vision of Joi as an angel remain unedited, though.  I'm sure that if 4Kids was still calling the shots, they'd paint her wings away or something to avoid offending all those dreaded "soccer moms" that the kids all seem to hate these days.

Saidon, Saihorn, Meganium, and Tropius keep their Japanese voices.

Music Edit
From the time Juptoru evolves into Jukain up to the point where the pokemon tries to use Bullet Seed and fails, the third opening theme to the original series, OK!, can be heard in the background.  In the English version, we get instrumental music.

Side Note
I feel the need to point out changes in the dub that are actually made for the better:

Meowth:  "That's funny!  I'm worried about Grovyle evolvin' but all I get's a wimp!"

You know how we can hear Jessie and James laughing in the background during this line?  Well, in the Japanese version, the two are dead silent!  As in, they're just laughing silently in the background!  It looks really weird to see the two of them back there without making any sound, so I'm glad PUSA decided to change that in the dub.

Also...no comment on James' subsequent "shooting blanks" line.

Added Footage--3 seconds
The TO BE CONTINUED... screen is made three seconds longer in the dub. 

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