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Episode AG 152
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 152:  "The Rival is a Salaryman!?"
American Episode 422: "Weekend Warrior
Japanese Air Date:  November 10th, 2005
American Air Date:  September 23rd, 2006
Important Characters:  Ogata (Jeremy), Yoshié (Mandy), Yoshito (Nicholas)
Important Places:  Silver Town (Silver Town)

It's time for Haruka's next Pokemon Contest challenge!   The Coordinator practices with her choices, Zenigame and Wakashamo, until the day of the Silver Town Pokemon Contest.  As the contestants are announced, Lillian notices that one person is missing:  Ogata!  Suddenly, a businessman in a suit comes running up to the stage!  Now that everyone is accounted for, the Pokemon Contest can begin!  Haruka's Zenigame shows off an impressive bubble and ice combination that earns her a spot in the second round.  As the Contest continues, Ogata's turn comes up.  However, instead of the scatterbrained businessman the audience saw before, Ogata appears on-stage dressed up as a rock musician!  As everyone expresses their surprise at Ogata's new look, his family appears and tells him to get off the stage!  His wife, Yoshié, wants him to stop playing around and return home, but Ogata explains that being a Coordinator is his dream.  He explains the beauty of Contests and delivers a speech that moves the audience and convinces his family to let him continue!  The rock-and-roller makes it to the second round and eventually finds himself up against Haruka.  Ogata's Fushigibana is able to overwhelm Haruka's Wakashamo with a couple of Frenzy Plant attacks, but the young Coordinator is able to use the grass-type pokemon's fatigue in between attacks to land herself a victory.  As Haruka accepts her second Kanto Contest ribbon, Ogata's family finally accepts what he's doing and greets him with open arms.  

Man...if there was ever an episode to make an Abridged episode of, this would be it.

So the plotline of Haruka's second Contest, which is, according to Pokeani, an homage to the 1999 anime series Kachou Ouji, is pretty simple:  a salaryman wants to become a rocker.  Now the anime producers could have done a lot of different things with this, but they had to go and limit this by cramming everything into one episode.  After Haruka goes all Dr. Phil on a family she has no business getting involved with, we're "treated" to the most corny speech ever heard in the history of the series:  Ogata's spiel about performing with one's pokemon.  It's the kind of thing you watch and wonder how anyone is supposed to take any of this seriously.  And if that wasn't enough unintentional comedy for ya, they go and make young Ogata look like Sakaki with a mullet!  Where are Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo when you need them?

I will, however, at least give the anime producers props for actually creating a new rival for Haruka.  As we'll find out soon enough, the anime producers will often resort to using someone like Harley or Shuu for the Coordinator du jour, making new characters like Ogata a rare occurrence. 

The dubbed version gives us a couple of new voices.  Of all the new ones, Lillian is the best and Sukizo is the worst.  I mean, did the voice director even listen to the 4Kids Sukizoh before casting this Gary Coleman sound-alike?  Jeez.  As far as the music goes, PUSA keeps a measly five pieces in, which is pretty much on-par with what 4Kids did.  A lot of people praise PUSA for keeping more of the Japanese music than 4Kids has been doing lately, but that's really not the case. 

Dialogue Edit
In the Japanese version of this saga, Lillian says the words "Here we go!," in English, to pump up the audience at the start of each round.  The dubbed version never really decides on what they want to have her say.  In this episode alone, we get "Let's get busy!" and "Bring it on home!"  I understand the desire to "spice things up" a bit, but it would have been nice if they could have kept this neat little character quirk intact. 

Music Edit
The third ending theme to Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation, called Smile, is played when Haruka receives the ribbon at the end of the Japanese version of this episode.  In the dub, this is replaced by instrumental music.

Added Footage--3 seconds
Do I really need to tell you that three seconds were added to the TO BE CONTINUED screen? 

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