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Episode AG 137
Episode Stats:

Japanese Episode AG 137: "The First Battle!  The Battle Factory! (Part Two)"
American Episode 407: "The Symbol Life
Orchid-Hakase Pokemon Lecture:  Movie AG 03 information

Japanese Air Date:  July 28th, 2005
American Air Date:  April 22nd, 2006
Important Places:  Battle Arena (Battle Arena), Yamabuki City (Saffron City)

Satoshi begins preparing for his match by going on a flight with Lizardon, trying to determine what it's learned since he last saw it.  After spending all night with his pokemon, Satoshi heads for the Battle Factory for his big match.  Since the young trainer's first battle in the Battle Frontier pits his Lizardon against Datsura's Freezer, the Frontier Brain decides to open the roof of the Battle Factory.  This way, the two flying pokemon will be unrestricted in their movements, allowing them to battle at their best.  The match begins with Lizardon taking the lead, but before long Datsura's pokemon shows that it's not to be taken lightly.  Every attack Lizardon throws at the ice pokemon is either deflected or used against it, and it soon becomes apparent that Satoshi doesn't have many options.  Just when Lizardon seems about to lose, Satoshi reveals Lizardon's secret technique: Overheat!  The powerful fire attack catches Freezer and Datsura off-guard, allowing Satoshi's pokemon to gain control of the battle.  Though Datsura's pokemon continues to put up a good fight with its combination attacks, it eventually falls to Lizardon's Seismic Toss.  A victorious Satoshi is given the Knowledge Symbol, an item that proves that he's completed the Battle Factory challenge.  Masato tells Satoshi that the next challenge is located near Yamabuki City, so our heroes depart toward their next adventure.

Everyone's been begging for Satoshi's Lizardon to appear again since started and now, 137 episodes into the series, fans finally get their wish.  For the most part, the battle is pretty damn awesome, and it's great to see Satoshi at a level where he can take down a friggin legendary pokemon.  It's certainly a step up from his early Kanto days, huh?  The only part of the battle that really bummed me out is Lizardon learning Overheat because that's supposed to be Cotoise's signature move.  I mean, what can the forgotten turtle pokemon do now to stand out among its peers?  Now the only thing it can do is cry to get more screen time, and something tells me that that's not going to work.

The dubbed version is pretty uneventful.  The only thing I noticed worth pointing out is that nobody identifies Saffron City by name in the dub, while Masato clearly says "Yamabuki City" in the Japanese version.  Other than that, I thought it was nice to see Ash's portfolio go unchanged after the whole badge case thing during the Hoenn episodes.

Cut--3 seconds altogether
The first shot of the episode is shortened by a second.

Later, two seconds are removed from the episode's title screen.

Commercial Cut--12 seconds
Twelve seconds of recycled footage played after the show's main commercial break is removed from the dub.  Originally, we saw the footage of Lizardon getting knocked down and Satoshi calling out its name shown when the show gets back from commercial break in addition to when it's shown before the show's commercial break.

Cut--2 seconds
Two seconds are removed from the shot after Kids' WB!'s final commercial break.

...and there were no cuts made to the TO BE CONTINUED... screen!  Woo-hoo!

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